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Infographic: How to close digital marketing leads.

From our experience, average conversion rates for closing leads depends on many factors, including the acquisition channel for that lead. When we examine conversion rates we see that leads from referrals, partners, content, and digital marketing have the best conversion rates.The way you qualify digital marketing (paid marketing) leads should follow a simple process. The graphic and guide below walk you through that process, if followed closely you should see conversion rates well above the average.

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The RIA Exclusive - 2019 Planning Guide

We know that running and growing your RIA can be difficult, but we hope that this guide will help at least structure your thoughts about next steps in 2019. The reality is that growth requires time, effort, and efficient processes focused on growth. These processes need technology and constant maintenance to be effective, but when combined with messaging that is delivered professionally, beautifully, and across multiple platforms they have the power to transform any RIA, build trust with prospects and customers, and deliver AUM growth at a record setting pace

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