5 Key Ways for RIAs to Succeed with Digital Marketing

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You can't use yesterday's strategies to succeed with digital marketing.

When thinking about digital marketing success, it's easy to to go back to the days of hoarding likes on your Facebook page. Years ago those likes created a unique distribution channel for your practice, and although likes are still good, they no longer deliver a reliable and qualified audience.The key to success is creating relevant content and distributing it across major digital networks which allow you to be hyper-specific about your target audience.

Key Ways to Digital Marketing Success for RIAs

Content is useless without distribution

Build it and they will come... doesn't work anymore. Creating unique, creative, and informative content certainly adds to your credibility and proves that you are an expert in your field; but if no one reads or views it, you are just wasting your time. You have to go to where your target audience is, and that means creating hubs on popular networks and delivering your (relevant) content to the people who want to consume it, at the time they want to consume it.

Tip: When getting started its crucial to test different ads for the same content, learn from your audience's response, adjust, and repeat. Once you figure out what your audience responds well to, double down on it and results will start flooding in.

Create your own channel to deliver your message

You built a website, and developed content for that site, now its time to get that message out and although sharing links to your site and blog posts can be effective; creating real interest through your network is much more effective. What we mean by this, is that you should use your site as the archival anchor for your content, and all of the major networks as your distribution channels for that content. Your future clients are on Facebook and Instagram looking at pictures of their grandchildren or reading articles on Forbes or The Wall Street Journal, and you should be delivering your content to them while they are engaged on those platforms.

Video, Video, Video

Lets face it, we all love video, we love to sit down and watch the newest episode of our favorite tv show or the Sunday game. Its no different with digital media, video has completely taken over Facebook, Youtube is creating millionaires at a staggering pace, and we all love to consume information through video. It's critical for RIAs to offer content in multiple formats and the most efficient way we have found to do this is to create a content idea and then repackage it in multiple media formats.

If you want to play, you gotta pay

Getting you content seen on all of the major social networks, and distributed across native advertising networks is the best way to get your message out there, and it doesn't come for free. Pure organic reach is very limited on social and native advertising networks, paying to promote your message to a larger audience increased exposure exponentially.

For example: It's not uncommon for our client's content to reach 5,000+ impressions within 48 hours of its launch, with a conservative budget.

If you are not on mobile, you don't exist

Delivering content to your target audience is the first step, but delivering it to them when they want to consume it is a significantly more difficult one. We live in a mobile-first world, and finding the ideal time to deliver your message takes rigorous testing. Experimenting with graphics, video, messaging, time of day, and adjusting your strategies based on your audiences habits.

For example: At FA Digital we pause our own advertising on Friday morning, learning from our tests that RIAs engage with social media Tuesday - Thursday either early in the morning or later in the evening. This helps us target our audience at a lower cost.