Why Digital Marketing Matters

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Advisors are focused on the future in spite of market volatility concerns...

In a recent study published by Schwab Advisor Services the perspectives of over 600 independent advisors reveals interesting findings on the success of marketing efforts in the RIA space. After polling over 600 independent advisors, Schwab finds that most advisors are not seeing returns on their marketing efforts and are struggling in implementing sales and marketing workflows focused on growing their business.

Why Digital Marketing Matters Right Now

Digital marketing is a nearly untapped resource for RIAs

According to the study, many advisors and their practices are feeling challenged when it comes to developing and implementing marketing strategies to grow new AUM. Yet, robust digital marketing efforts are a critical component of success among the top performing RIA practices.

Well executed digital marketing and sales workflows have the power to unlock new levels of growth for most RIAs and deliver opportunities to talk to new clients on a regular basis. The challenge for most firms is finding the time and experienced resources to execute a complete strategy. Often leading to mediocre results.

Trust is more important than ever!

With increased market volatility advisors are relying on building trust with their clients more then ever. Consistency, reliability, understanding, and strong personal connections are the foundation for building long-term working relationships with your clients.

In todays digital world clients turn to technology to learn, build connections, and to communicate. With the landscape so focused on digital, its absolutely crucial to have a strong online presence with accessible content, relatable posts, and reliable client service.


The reality is that implementing sales and marketing workflows require time, effort, and technology to deliver ROI. They are not simple to execute easily and need constant maintenance. Combined with messaging that is delivered professionally, beautifully, and across multiple platforms, these two components have the power to transform any RIA, build trust with prospects and customers, and deliver AUM growth at a record setting pace.

We have seen RIAs execute these strategies alone, but the most successful clients look to firms like FA Digital to guide them trough the process with experience, proven technology, and proven results.