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FA Digital partnered with a group of financial advisors to offer a comprehensive event promotion service. Combining campaign design, landing page creation, audience targeting, and automated communication, FA Digital successfully promoted both in-person and webinar events, yielding significant attendee engagement and conversions.

Event Promotion
Wealth Management, Insurance Sales
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Meet with prospects in your local area with a modern and sophisticated approach to in person advisor events.

In a digital world, face-to-face interactions are invaluable for financial advisors seeking to connect with affluent prospects. Webinars and generic online lead services have become too common to drive real business growth for many firms. Hosting sophisticated events provides a setting for genuine relationship building, candid financial discussions, and showcasing your firm’s unique expertise. FA Digital's Bespoke Advisor Events allow financial advisors to stand out in a competitive marketplace and foster lasting connections that drive significant AUM growth.

$2.4 MM
Average assets raised per event.
of event attendees schedule a follow up meeting.
In-person events lead to 40% higher conversion rates than online interactions¹
of attendees are more likely to have a favorable opinion of a RIA after an in-person event.

Based on survey of existing advisors. Actual results may differ materially and are not guaranteed.¹ Source: Forbes | ² Source: EventMB

Event Promotion Case Study
The Background

This case study showcases the success of a valued client based in Indianapolis, targeting affluent individuals with over $1MM in investable assets. The client leverages captivating in-person events to attract and engage this sought after demographic. The data presented below has been extracted directly from our marketing systems and represents authentic results. FA Digital has created and managed all aspects of the marketing campaigns associated with these events, ensuring our client receives exclusive ownership of the work product and leads generated.

At FA Digital, we excel in delivering comprehensive marketing solutions tailored specifically for RIAs. By working closely with our clients, we design, develop, and implement high-quality marketing campaigns aimed at generating leads within their target demographic and geographic areas. Through our expertise, we help clients connect with their prospects in meaningful and memorable ways.

The Stats

January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022

9 Number of Events in 2022

9 Individual events held in 2022 across a variety of venues ranging from popular and recognizable local restaurants, to college/university campuses, and country clubs.

89k Total Unique Individual Investors Reached

A total of over 89,000 individuals reached through our marketing efforts in the client's local market. And, not just any investors, we work with our clients to create targeted audiences and deliver our ads only to investors that match the profile that we create.

390 Registrations

A total of 390 registrations for 9 events in 2022 for our client located in the Indianapolis metro area. All matching the clients specific requirements, and providing detailed contact information.
In addition our process includes automated confirmation and reminder emails, and text messages.

322 Attendees / ROI

A total of 322 attendees joined our events for this specific case study, with an average AUM raised of $2.4MM per event.
Assuming a flat 1% asset management fee, the average ROI per event has been approximately 400% after expenses.