Realtime Annuity Calculator

The Realtime Annuity Calculator was developed as a custom application for clients looking to boost their lead generation efforts. This unique tool, based on custom factor tables, not only improves the lead generation process but also increases conversion rates of visitors to leads, effectively growing revenue and market presence.

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In an industry as competitive as insurance, standing out amongst the crowdis crucial. This is why we created a unique and effective solution forgenerating annuity leads, The Realtime Annuity Calculator.

The Realtime Annuity Calculatorwas developed as a bespoke application to incorporate unique factor tables forthe annuity product being sold. The result is a tool that allows potential clientsto calculate their annuity values in real-time while delivering detailed leadinformation to the advisor. Resulting in increased prospect engagement,increased advisor conversion rates, while allowing potential clients to visualizetheir financial future, making the annuity product more appealing.

The application is available for use in any metro area and can be scaled to any individual financial advisor or an IMO to distribute leads to it’s advisors. The volume of leads can be scaled to meet the needs of both the advisor and the IMO and the application’s flexibility allows our team to incorporate custom annuity products, capture custom responses from prospects, and deliver leads to advisors in real-time.

Our advisors see a 40% conversion rate from lead to annuity sale on average a considerable increase from the industry average. Average annuity quotes across our client base has been approximately $412,000 per lead with variations depending on the geography being targeted.

Overall the Realtime Annuity Calculator has proven an essential growth tool to our clients who focus on annuity sales. Not only does it deliver detailed leads in real-time to the advisor, but also delivers a great experience to the prospect to visualize their potential annuity income in real-time. The application’s success highlights FA Digital’s commitment to providing innovative marketing solutions that drive real business growth.