The 2024 Marketing Roadmap for RIAs.

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Creating a marketing machine to grow RIA AUM in 2024.

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) aiming for sustainable AUM growth.

As we unveil the 2024 Marketing Roadmap, we delve into a success story that stands out among our clients. The featured partnership has harnessed the power of diverse marketing channels to generate high-quality, high-conversion leads in a competitive marketplace.

Keep reading to explore strategies that leverage digital marketing while optimizing client engagement that have
propelled our client to material success in 2023.

As we dive deeper let's take a closer look at some of the strategies that have yielded substantial results for our client, aided by the expertise of FA Digital. Their approach was multi-faceted and consistent, leveraging a blend of digital marketing methods tailored to the modern investor.


Interactive Content

Tools that help potential clients understand their financial scenario in a real and interactive way have been some of the best performers.

This includes interactive calculators for retirement planning, retirement readiness, insurance product quotes, etc., tools like this not only provide instant gratification to the prospect, but also encourage further engagement.


Webinars continue to be an extremely powerful tool to reach a wide audience while positioning our clients as thought leaders in the RIA space.

Webinars provide a great platform to drive large numbers of prospects to engage with content covering topics from investment strategies, market trends, tax strategies, etc.

In-Person Events

Even in a digital age, the value of face-to-face interaction remains unmatched. Hosting informal seminars, wine-tasting events, and other events that allow for personal engagement and trust-building are especially vital.

Our client has chosen smaller more intimate events with much higher engagement, lower cost, and higher frequency.


For RIAs even the most successful marketing campaigns are not a silver bullet. The key to success with any marketing in the RIA space is consistency.

Consistency in messaging, staying visible to your prospects, and building trust. Consistency with follow-up and contact. Consistency in your sales process.

To learn about additional strategies, or get more information on how to implement a consistent and successful digital marketing program for your RIA click below and speak with our leadership without cost or obligation.

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It's simple. The proof is in the numbers.

AUM Growth

Over a 12 month period of consistent advertising our client ($170 million in AUM) has raised over $24 million in assets under management as a direct result of working with FA Digital.

The approximate ROI from these efforts are 5X on just the first year revenue.

Pipeline Growth

Each prospect is different and has a different timeline. Motivated prospects convert quickly, some take time to build trust and convert. Consistently growing a pipeline of prospects is key to long-term success.

Over the last 12 months our client has built a pipeline of roughly 800 investors.

Insurance Products

In addition to traditional AUM growth campaigns our client has also chosen to market insurance products through interactive tools.

This marketing has yielded over $13 million in premium sales throughout 2023.

Want to know more about potential results for your RIA? Click below and schedule a quick call with our leadership, we are happy to answer any questions and guide you toward your goals in 2024.

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Implementing a successful marketing strategy takes planning and implementation of technology, design, and messaging.

Most RIAs struggle to implement successful marketing programs internally, and sadly, most marketing agencies don't understand the RIA business and regulatory requirements. Since 2018 FA Digital has been solving this exact issue.

Expertise & Technology

Our team has over 30 years of experience in financial services and has been partnering with RIAs nationwide since 2018 to deliver turnkey marketing programs. Focusing on incorporating the latest technology and streamlining the process for RIAs so you can focus on converting prospects and growing AUM.


Our team takes a systematic approach to launching a complete marketing program. This requires close collaboration, clear expectation setting, and does not happen over night. Our programs are all custom designed for each RIA and built for long-term marketing of your services. Remember, even the most successful marketing campaigns are not a silver bullet, consistency is key!

What's the cost?

We pride ourselves on a clear and straightforward pricing model. We understand the significance of a digital investment and its long-term implications for RIAs.

Our pricing provides value without commissions or the burden of hidden costs or suprises.

Monthly Service Fees

A all-in fee designed to include technology implementation, graphic design, campaign creation, landing page design, reporting, and all components associated with managing and optimizing your campaigns.

$3,350 per month

Advertising and Technology

Although advertising and technology costs can vary depending on complexity, geographic location, and existing systems a general expectation for these costs is:
Technology - $100 - $150 per month
Advertising - $1,500 - $2,000 per month

FA Digital never takes a commission on advertising spend, and all work and systems are yours to keep forever.

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